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Finally returned.

April 17, 2013

*stretches fingers* 

Hello again my non-existing fans, how are you today? Good, I am glad to hear that. How am I you ask? I’m doing well, thank you – although it does seem my blog has been collected layers upon layers of dust as of late. So here I am to sweep the piles of dust away which were slowly taking over my website and now, settled in my computer chair with my hot cup of tea and a fitting music track playing quietly in the background, I can now announce that I have returned with many new points to discuss, but firstly:

Remember my humour comic, The Wizzo? Yeah, that one I seemed very passionate about and all? Yes, well, Issue 4 still hasn’t come out and for this I deeply apologise. Call it bad timing, unprofessional or simply call it life, in fact, call it the most difficult time of my life so far. Yes, the GCSEs certainly do whisk you away from your comfortable spot among the things you enjoy most and then place you in what I like to call a reality-check where the world doesn’t care if you can recognise a comic artist’s style in The Beano by its line-work and colours and cares more about those funny little letters which will forever be linked to you, like a ball and chain and will depend on how your life turns out – and if I’m entirely honest, I’d rather not get a bunch of low grades and have to spend the rest of my life roaming around Poundland, wearily explaining to young “jokers” that everything in the shop costs £1.00 so they can stop asking how much said item costs with that smug grin across their blemished faces.

To summarise, The Wizzo has been put on a hiatus for many reasons which I will explain in a later blog post if I have any free time. But The Wizzo will return this year, in fact I may even be considering rebooting the comic and starting at Issue 1 so people can stop asking for that mess of an issue. But hey, more on that later…

I once again apologise for not being so consistent in my blog updates, I hope you can understand why and I promise every single one of you readers that once these GCSEs are over and when I’m not working at wherever my first proper job will be, I will be using my blog, my deviantART and even YouTube more than ever. And as for The Wizzo? Like I said, more on that later.

– Harry Rickard

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  1. May 26, 2013 22:41

    Good luck with those exams.

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