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CRUMBS! It’s a new comic – called Crumbs.

July 31, 2012

Who said the British comic industry was dead? We have The Dandy, The Beano, The Phoenix, The BeanoMAX, 2000AD, Strip Magazine, CLiNT, Viz, Toxic Magazine – plus with our comic, The Wizzo out now as well as top web-comics such as Corporate Skull, Klank Comic and The Carrotty Kid. And now we have a new recruit – only this one’s a little different

Top cartoonist, Steve Beckett – well known in the comic world for his Dandy stories such as ‘Blundercats’ and ‘Garth Vader’ as well as his other projects such as the graphic artist for ‘Gimme a Burger’ plus his graphic novel series he illustrates, ‘Tough Guy’. And now, the brilliant man has yet another project.

Oh, crumbs. 

It’s a blast from the past – yet also extremely modern? A 1970s-styled British humour comic yet also a web-comic? It can only be Steve Beckett’s latest project, ‘Crumbs!’ – a web-comic comic!

So far, Steve has introduced us to three of the stories inside this classic yet modern comic:

Mai BadThe little kid who makes BIG mistakes!

Dave Growl and The OOF Fighters: The band that really packs a PUNCH!

Ratman: Crumbstown’s very own GRIMEFIGHTER!

And you can read it all and laugh away by clicking on the link below – if you liked it – why not comment too? I’m sure Steve would appreciate good feedback or ideas!

 ~ ~

(the pictures which support this blog post are from – I hope you don’t mind me using them, Steve!)

Coming next hopefully is a review on The Dandy Annual 2013 (containing spoilers!) and a review on this week’s Dandy – will try and publish it tonight!

– Harry Rickard

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