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Wait, how did that happen?

July 7, 2012

Hi blog fans!

Something strange and pretty amazing has happened recently which I’m itching to tell you all about!

I may be drawing for The Phoenix Comic – as a professional artist inside a professional comic drawing “professional” stories. Yeah, you’re probably just as surprised as I am.

So, how did I end up managing to get this far, eh? Well, actually – it was all thanks to Twitter. All I did was message them and ask them whether I could draw for the comic – even though I’m only 15. Imagine my surprise when they actually said yes! So, now I’m working on my stories – starting off with a feature-length story called ‘The Favour’.

I don’t want to reveal too much but you can find the first page on my deviantART… (the rest of the pages are far better) So, here’s a selection of teaser images of what the story is about, but this is all you’re getting:

NOTE: If the story *doesn’t* get into the Phoenix – it will be appearing in Issue 9 of The Wizzo.

More news on The Favour soon, but for now…

See ya, chums!

– Harry Rickard

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