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The Dandy – Issue 3586

June 24, 2012

The Dandy - Issue 3586

The Dandy – Issue 3586

After a while of blog post-less weeks – I am finally back and ready for more blogging – *loud crowd cheers – in my non-existent dreams*. Firstly, big apologies to the lack of blog posts lately – but you know, damn GCSEs can really mess up my blogging and comic fun. Secondly, let’s get on with the review already!

This week’s Dandy – Issue 3586 was in my opinion – not too good really, but when compared to the mess The Beano is currently in – I think The Dandy is certainly on higher ground – a worthy place for it to be. This week’s issue had three brand-new strips in it, ‘Starsky’s Hutch’ by Gary Boller, ‘PiRATes’ by Steve English (the artist of two-off Beano story ‘Belle’s Magic Mobile’) and yet another of Paul Palmer’s mini-strips, this time being ‘Not So Deadly 60’ – a mini-strip with some unwanted celebrity content – luckily this falls under spoof rather than “a shameless way to get more readers by mentioning brain-dead celebrities”.

As well as this, we also get to read more of Jamie Smart’s ‘Mega-Lo Maniacs’, Wilbur Dawbarn’s ‘Mr. Meecher, the Uncool Teacher’ and Nigel Parkinson’s ‘The Banana Bunch’ as well as more – including the regular cronies, ‘Desperate Dan’, ‘Bananaman’ and ‘The Bogies’. 

Gary Boller’s ‘Starsky’s Hutch’ replaced Nigel Auchterlounie’s ‘Superball’ which finished its 6 week run last week sadly. Steve English’s ‘PiRATes’ replaced Paul Palmer’s ‘Thor Bum’ and Paul Palmer’s ‘Not So Deadly 60’ replaced Steve Beckett’s ‘The Incredible Sulk’ – both of these also lasting six weeks – interestingly, all three of these stories made their debut in the same issue and ended in the same issue – very strange!

Anyway, enough of that – it’s time to actually review the whole thing!

Starsky's Hutch - Gary Boller NEW!

Starsky’s Hutch – Gary Boller NEW!


PG 1: Front Cover (Desperate Dan) – Jamie Smart

– A fun cover of Desperate Dan which actually refers to the story – a nice touch. Jamie is brilliant for Dandy covers – they always impress me. Although I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d like to see something *new* on the cover – The Bogies or Nuke Noodle perhaps? Maybe The Banana Bunch? Maybe The Dandy should take a leaf out of The Phoenix’s book? GOOD

PG 2: Jokes (The Dandy Presents) – Nigel Auchterlounie (stock-art)

– Moving on swiftly… BAD

PG 3: What’s Inside? (featuring ‘The Sekret Diary of a Dandy Editor’) – Jamie Smart

– An ongoing series I’m really enjoying – I’m certain I’m not the only one who likes a recurring story on the contents page – plus, it’s something else that’s hilariously funny by funnyman, Jamie Smart! GOOD

PG 4: Mega-Lo Maniacs – Jamie Smart

– Mega-Lo Maniacs continues in style this week with a megalomaniac DOUBLE WHAMMY! That’s double the whammy! (I also just stated the obvious…) King Eyeball is a great villain – I love the weird monsters – Gurf is still my top megalomaniac though! TOP 5

PG 6: Madvert: The Legend of Smelda: Ocarina of Slime – Steve Beckett

– Brilliant work by the brilliant Mr. Beckett! A typical madvertisement that worked really well in my opinion. Good work, sir! GOOD

PG 7: Shorts #1:

  •  Al Kazam – Andy Fanton GOOD
  • Angry Nerds – Wilbur Dawbarn GOOD
  • Garth Vader – Steve Beckett TOP 5
  • News at Hen – Stu Munro BAD

– A good week for the first of the mini-strip pages – with Garth Vader also getting into my weekly top 5 poll (which I will share below) – the only casualty being Stu Munro’s ‘News at Hen’ which I found made no sense. Al Kazam was simple yet brilliant – yet another strong mini-strip series for Andy which sadly comes to an all-too-quick end next week (such a waste…). Angry Nerds reaches its twelfth and sadly its last story in its run – the story ending on a general high which is good. Wilbur’s artwork is also good as usual – I really like his style for Angry Nerds. Garth Vader was obviously good – otherwise what’s it doing lurking around in my Top 5? Easily Steve’s best mini-strip yet – it blows Ray Fears and The Incredible Sulk right out of the non-existent water! Meanwhile, Stu receives a rough week with this week’s ‘News at Hen’ which made no sense to me. Very weak. GOOD

PG 8: Bananaman – Wayne Thompson

– I could tell I would dislike this strip from picture 1. The story seemed like a typical 2011 Bananaman story – Bananaman is a really weak character overall ever since the revamp – maybe it’s high-time a new writer took over? What confused me about this week’s was the strange string of jokes – plus the caricatured Keshena and Alan – were they meant to be celebrities? I’m not too sure but I really disliked it. WORST

PG 10: Puzzle: Poor Ol’ Grumpy Lumpy Head – Jamie Smart

– There’s not a lot I can say except that I love Jamie’s puzzle pages so much – far better than the others (although Alex’s Nuke Noodle one was very good!). Jamie’s puzzles are always funny and always have a little story behind them which I really like. GOOD

PG 11: Beryl the Peril – Steve Bright

– When I first read this, I thought it was pretty rubbish. Criticised it. Then put it in the ‘Average’ section. After a re-read, I rather liked it. Steve’s artwork is good and the story while not being “laugh-out-loud funny” was still subtle like Mr. Meecher the Uncool Teacher’s humour. GOOD

PG 12: CiB: Cavemen in Black – Andy Fanton

– Another funny week for the Cavemen in Black predictably. Not the best one 0- last week’s was brilliant – but this one was still very funny, even if it did seem fairly similar to the second strip. Fanton manages to once again make me chuckle and manages to once again impress me as well. GOOD

PG 13: Mr. Meecher, the Uncool Teacher – Wilbur Dawbarn

– Crumbs! There are only 5 weeks left of the Meech before we see the end of his impressive second run of 50 strips! This week’s once again reminds us why it has done so well. The story was very funny and felt like typical Meech. I’m so lucky there is no-one like him in my school! GOOD

PG 14: The Dandy Subscription Page

– I’m “beginning” to see a contents pattern – The Dandy has been very similar for the past few weeks. The only difference that breaks the chain is Superball which went from being next to Meecher to being near the back. AVERAGE

PG 15: Nuke Noodle – Alexander Matthews

– One of the best Nuke Noodle stories so far – very funny and very clever. Alex’s Nuke Noodle strips are very impressive – barely ever make much sense but never fail to make me laugh – 8 strips left until the end of its 48 story run – and its only his first run – he’s back for more later this year! Gasp! TOP 5

PG 16: Comps

– … BAD

PG 17: Shorts #2:

  • You Took That Too Far – Alexander Matthews GOOD
  • Poo Bear – Paul Palmer BAD
  • PiRATes – Steve English NEW! GOOD
  • My Sister’s So Dumb – Karl Dixon GOOD

– A fairly good mini-strip page overall. Alexander Matthews’ delivers the third of ‘You Took That Too Far’ which manages to be quite a good story with some good artwork. On the other hand, Paul Palmer’s ‘Poo Bear’ is worthy of its place in the ‘BAD’ section – the story didn’t even have a joke – I swear! Steve English introduces us to the PiRATes – which confused me as I thought the PiRATes would be rats – but I’ve now realised it’s probably ‘PiRATes’. Names aside, the story was good and simple plus Steve’s artwork looked good. Karl Dixon’s ‘My Sister’s So Dumb’ was quite funny but I felt Karl’s artwork was very off – must have been very rushed sadly. GOOD

PG 18: The Banana Bunch – Nigel Parkinson

– The Banana Bunch manages to once again be brilliant! Nigel’s style works so well for the strip with his lively and crazy style. I also find Dogbanana and Mangomoggy quite humorous – good additions to the strip. Also quite like the  rivalry with The Mango Mob – better than the previous ruffians. GOOD

PG 20: Blinky – Nick Brennan (reprint)

– Oh dear, oh deary, deary me. What was going on with Blinky this week? Three pages of utter nonsense – the pop references didn’t work, especially the ones to Jessie J and Carly Rae Jepsen, they clearly weren’t in the original! The whole story was a mess. BAD

PG 23: Bully Beef and Chips – Wayne Thompson

– Hooray! Finally, a good Bully Beef and Chips story with an actual joke at the end! Far, far better – plus Wayne’s artwork was brilliant! Still preferred is old style of them in the Dandy Xtreme though. GOOD

PG 24: The Bogies – Nigel Auchterlounie

– Easily the best strip of the issue – the story was utterly hilarious and the ending was very unexpected. The whole story was so silly and typically Auchterlounie. I don’t think this story could have been any more perfect than it was. TOP 5 BEST

PG 26: Mailbag

– Yay! It’s back! Best was probably either Ewan Fryer’s picture of Bad Grandad or Heather Small’s picture of Tooth Hurty. But well done to them all! GOOD

PG 27: Shorts #3:

  • Alan the Forgetful Goldfish – Paul Palmer GOOD
  • Not So Deadly 60 – Paul Palmer NEW! AVERAGE
  • Tooth Hurty – Paul Palmer GOOD
  • When It’s Not Cool To Be Wolverine – Nik Holmes GOOD

– Firstly, what on earth?! Three Paul Palmer strips all on the same page – and next to one another? Well, that certainly didn’t look right! And there was I thinking ‘Poo Bear’ and ‘Thor Bum’ jarred with one another! Overall, a good week for the third mini-strip page – Not So Deadly 60 being the closest to a casualty. All four were quite good though. ‘Alan the Forgetful Goldfish’ faced its final week in The Dandy with possibly its worst story in its entire run. ‘Not So Deadly 60’ wasn’t bad – it wasn’t amazing but the story was still quite good so maybe a high spot on the ‘AVERAGE’ section. I rather enjoyed ‘Tooth Hurty’ this week as it was more of that foreshadowing, subtle humour that I find funny. ‘When It’s Not Cool To Be Wolverine’ was simple yet funny as always – a great series! Also, I’m not sure whether anyone noticed the title has been changed to ‘When It’s Not So Cool To Be Wolverine’ – very odd… GOOD

PG 28: Puzzle: Ice Scream Van – Stu Munro

– A good puzzle page with a lot to do on it – I also really like the creature in the “Ice Scream Van” – would’ve looked better if shaded though, I bet! GOOD

PG 29: Starsky’s Hutch – Gary Boller NEW!

– Two years it’s taken until we finally see an artist use Comic Sans. But fonts aside, the story is good and I can see a lot of story possibilities coming from it. Gary’s artwork is also great – a very nutty style which reminded me of something by Alexander Matthews or Wayne Thompson. GOOD 

PG 30: Ollie Fliptrik – Karl Dixon (reprint)

– Ollie is back – in reprints. *sigh* As brilliant as it is to see the brilliant Ollie Fliptrik back, I can’t help but feel The Dandy are messing it up slightly – why can’t Ollie be done in new stories? Karl is still drawing for The Dandy – in fact, he even draws ‘My Sister Is So Dumb’ for this issue, and I’m certain he’d snap up the opportunity to draw the skateboarding superstar once again. Reprints aside, the story isn’t even that good – with jarring, ugly speech bubbles – the story already looks unappealing to the eye. Surely the readers are becoming suspicious of these four page classics that have been sprouting up recently, also the “Next Week” or “Next Up” things always appearing at the end, plus Dreadlock Holmes even said “SW’04” – do they take us readers for fools?! The story itself isn’t too funny either. What a shame. On the plus side, at least Dreadlock Holmes has gone! AVERAGE

PG 34: Bad Grandad – Andy Fanton

– Finally, after a four page reprint – we finally get to see something new – and what better than Andy Fanton’s ‘Bad Grandad’? A brilliant story once again – Michelle has definitely perfected Andy’s style of writing! Also loved Andy’s additional cameos – classic Dandy inventor, ‘Brain Duane’, a raider from IPC’s past, ‘Bookworm’ as well as Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ – very good! GOOD

PG 35: Next Week!

– Must say, I’m looking forward to ‘Growlph’ by Stephen Waller (artist of ‘Saint Evils’ and ‘Star T.Rex’) – Stephen’s stuff is always brilliant! I bet it replaces ‘Alan the Forgetful Goldfish’… Roger Flobberer stars in ‘The Bogies’ – I can already tell it’s going to be good! It’s Professor Time’s turn to take over the world in Mega-Lo Maniacs by Jamie Smart plus the mysterious Basketball Slinger creates havoc in ‘The Banana Bunch’. As well as this also win an inflatable football pitch. GOOD

PG 36: Desperate Dan – Jamie Smart

– After reading this story – I was craving for toasted cheese sandwiches. The story was fantastic, very funny and made me very hungry! I used to complain that Desperate Dan was reduced to one page but a year and a bit since then and now I think one page is a brilliant length for the rootin’ tootin’ cowboy, well done, Mr. Smart! TOP 5

PiRATes - Steve English NEW!

PiRATes – Steve English NEW!

In terms of the order from BEST TO WORST – here are my opinions:

1. The Bogies

2. Nuke Noodle

3. Mega-Lo Maniacs

4. Garth Vader

5. Desperate Dan

6. Bully Beef and Chips

7. The Banana Bunch

8. Starsky’s Hutch

9. Al Kazam

10. Cavemen in Black

11. The Sekret Diary of a Dandy Editor

12. Mr. Meecher, the Uncool Teacher

13. You Took That Too Far

14. Angry Nerds

15. Beryl the Peril

16. When It’s Not Cool To Be Wolverine

17. PiRATes

18. Bad Grandad

19. My Sister’s So Dumb

20. Tooth Hurty

21. Alan the Forgetful Goldfish

22. Not So Deadly 60

23. Ollie Fliptrik

24. Blinky

25. Poo Bear

26. News at Hen

27. Bananaman

Desperate Dan - Jamie Smart

Desperate Dan – Jamie Smart

The Dandy – Issue 3586 is on sale right now in selected supermarkets and newsagents for only £1.99 – I urge anyone to buy it. Better still why not subscribe?

Well, that’s the end… er… I hope you enjoyed the review or something… please leave any feedback in the comments… I’d really appreciate it…

Time to go!

Nuke Noodle – Alexander Matthews

Anyway, as Nuke hangs from a clock – I’d say it’s TIME for me to go, but not to worry, I’ll be back next week with more updates!

– Harry Rickard

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