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The Dandy – Issue 3579

April 25, 2012

There’s something incredibly fantastic about The Dandy as of lately – looks like it’s finally back on its feet after a painful five month period of some of the worst comics I have ever read. But hey, now it’s back in the fight so back to reviewing!

The Dandy - Issue 3579

The Dandy - Issue 3579

The latest issue came out today and managed to cheer me up on such a miserable day weather-wise as this one. I must say, I really like this week’s cover image which is simple but sweet. Although I do find the wraparound covers’ novelty is beginning to wear off – especially as it is only ‘Bananaman’ who works in this format. Would much rather see Dan on the back as usual.

So, what’s inside this issue which makes it so good? Well…

Firstly, following the end of ’99 Genius Homework Excuses’ which faced its demise last issue – we’ve gained an extra two mini-strips – ‘My Sister’s So Dumb’ by Karl Dixon and ‘Guitar Zero’ by Alex Matthews – sadly ‘Guitar Zero’ replaces ‘Jibber & Steve’ which is a let-down – would have much rather seen Duncan Scott’s ‘The Adult Code’ or Phil Corbett’s ‘Korky the Cat’. Sighhhh…

Secondly, Blinky’s gone! Darn it – but in return we gain Nick Brennan’s ‘Sneaker’. I think we’re about to face a reprint switch-around which will be interesting – however I do find it a great shame that we now have a high amount of reprint pages. I guess this point is not so good.

Basically, it has its ups and downs but it’s a good issue which is full o’ fun!

The Arena of Awesome - Jamie Smart

The Arena of Awesome - Jamie Smart- Just as funny as always!

So, what’s the content I hear my imaginary blog fans shout…

PG 1: Front Cover – Wayne Thompson

– A nice, simple cover by Wayne of that bumbling bananachump. However, I did find that there was an unwanted stock-art Desperate Dan sharing the cover – why was he necessary. GOOD

PG 2: Jokes – Wayne Thompson (stock-art)

– All I can say is that the picture they use here of Bananaman is my favourite Bananaman illustration ever. AVERAGE

PG 3: What’s Inside? – Jamie Smart

– Yay! More of ‘The Sekret Diary of a Dandy Editor’! This contents series is absolutely adorable and hilarious! “Went to the park and fed chips to the ducks Got chased by ducks and dropped my chips :c” – Oh, Jamie! You really are a genius! GOOD

PG 4: Mega-Lo Maniacs – Jamie Smart

– Probably the weakest one so far but by no means a bad ‘un! Not too much to say about this story except I think it’s blimmin’ fantastic. GOOD

PG 6: The Dandy Presents… Snowfight and the Seven Boyfriends – Nigel Auchterlounie

– Absolutely awful. It’s strange how much Nigel’s strips vary – The Bogies and Jibber & Steve are genius but his other strips like Clive 5 and Davina McCaw were pretty rubbish. Would rather see My Freaky Family back on this page – that strip was fantastic. BAD

PG 7: Shorts #1:

– Crash Test Dummy – Karl Dixon

– Angry Nerds – Will Dawbarn

– Guitar Zero – Alex Matthews NEW!

– Not So Wise Owl – Laura Howell

– A pretty decent mini-strip page really. ‘Crash Test Dummy’ was really good – proving to be a strong series – and easily Karl’s best series! ‘Angry Nerds’ faced another weak time this week with a joke in there somewhere but not a very clear one. ‘Guitar Zero’ was a bit of a let-down sadly – I can see a clear joke but I found it really unfunny. Luckily, ‘Not So Wise Owl’ managed to keep my hopes up by delivering yet another funny story – seeing Laura in The Dandy is great – it’s been over a year in fact! GOOD

PG 8: Bananaman – Wayne Thompson

– I liked the concept of this week’s Bananaman but I’m certain I wasn’t the only one who thought “The Chavengers” was going to be a new story-arc. But according to The Dandy, it is only a one-off. What a let-down! AVERAGE 

PG 10: My Own Genie – Jamie Smart (reprint)

– This week’s selected reprint of My Own Genie was quite a special one for me as I have both read it and not read it – at the same time! Y’see, they reprinted this story in the 56 page bumper My Own Genie mini-mag but there was a fail in the printing and it only printed Page 1 – Page 2 then being the first half of the Battle of the Beards  – what the! Was it worth the two year wait? Not really, it wasn’t too funny. AVERAGE

PG 12: Blundercats – Steve Beckett

– Another fantastic story and the beginning of a new adventure in search of his dad’s long-lost, crummy, old book. Th story is brilliant and Steve’s artwork is just as polished as usual. A brilliant series – Steve’s best series too. BEST

PG 13: Mr Meecher, the Uncool Teacher – Will Dawbarn

– And Meech is back on track after a bumpy few weeks – hooray! From start to finish – this one sure brought the Meech back to his usual, silly standards – brilliantly done! Congratulations, Will! GOOD

PG 14: The Dandy Subscription Page

– I really like the latest incarnation for the subscription page – really neatly laid out. Unlike the BeanoMAX’s… GOOD

PG 15: Nuke Noodle – Alex Matthews

– Nuke was at his usual high on the funny scale with another page guaranteed to keep you laughing – the twist is so unexpected that I actually laughed! Easily second best to Sherlock Holmes! GOOD 

PG 16: Comps!

– They’ve gone Marvel mad! AVERAGE

PG 17: Shorts #2:

– Chronic the Hedgehog – Rick Eades

– My Sister’s So Dumb! – Karl Dixon NEW!

– The Adult Code – Duncan Scott

– Korky the Cat – Phil Corbett

– This mini-strip page is dying. Luckily, with Chronic there – it just manages to stay upright. Chronic is genius and it truly is brilliant to see such a top cartoonist finally in the comic. ‘My Sister’s So Dumb’ is basically dumb blonde jokes drawn out – it’s not too original but dumb blonde jokes are among my favourites. ‘The Adult Code’ is pointless. How this strip got accepted is beyond me. Korky irritates me – what Phil has done to him has truly ruined any respect I had for him. He’s made Korky into a pun-filled mess. We never voted for Korky to be a regular – why does he get to feature every week? Either drop the damn cat or get a better artist – preferably Mr. Townsend… AVERAGE

PG 18: The Arena of Awesome – Jamie Smart

– I don’t really know what to say except that this strip was blimmin’ hilarious and that Jamie delivers yet another incredible strip which shows why he is one of my favourite artists/writers. GOOD

PG 20: Madvertisement: Ironing Man – Nik Holmes

– Quite a humorous advert – although personally I’d prefer to see Madverts on a half page with Jibber & Steve. GOOD 

PG 21: Kid Cops – Lew Stringer

– Lew Stringer at his best – easily. This story was brilliant as for once, the adults fight back and almost defeat the Kid Cops. A really good ending to the third run in my opinion and I look forward to seeing them back whenever that may be. GOOD

PG 22: Advert: The Bogies App/The Dandy App

– Yawn… BAD

PG 23: Go Ape – Wayne Thompson

– Definitely the best one yet although I do find the series rather tiresome plus I’m not too keen on the clear Hanna-Barbera inspired art-style. GOOD 

PG 24: The Bogies – Nigel Auchterlounie

– It seems to be a repeat of the previous B-Team story about the shed but that’s not a bad thing as the story is fantastic and like the first part – made me laugh many times. GOOD

PG 26: Competition: Make Me A Mutant

– Gasp! Where’s the Mailbag gone? Is this why there were no sending details last issue? *dundundun* AVERAGE

PG 27: Shorts #3:

– Alan the Forgetful Goldfish – Paul Palmer

– Iykan Si-Yu – Andy Fanton

– Tooth Hurty – Paul Palmer

– My Mum’s a Brain-Eating Zombie – Dean Rankine

– Easily the strongest mini-strips page as usual. Firstly, there’s Alan the Forgetful Goldfish which has surprisingly so far been really good – almost as good as ‘Dad’s Turn to Cook’. Almost. Iykan Si-Yu is probably at its weakest this week but still a decent story, sadly this being what I believe is his final story – it’s a shame, Andy’s great at mini-strips. Hopefully we’ll see some more of Grampire or Dave soon, eh? Tooth Hurty seems to be a very basic story but so far has been pretty funny – however, I don’t know how long this strip will last until the novelty wears off. My Mum’s a Brain-Eating Zombie has been unexpectedly fantastic – this week’s story being no exception – a very funny story which I hope will get a second series! GOOD

PG 28: Sneaker – Nick Brennan (reprint)

– Did I ever mention that I hated Sneaker? No? Well, now you know that I hated Sneaker. A really boring story – I certainly won’t be contacting The Dandy any sooner to say I want to see him back… BAD

PG 29: Desperate Dan – Jamie Smart

– A fantastic strip that i can find no faults in. Although I’d really like to see Dan expand to two pages for a bit. GOOD

PG 30: Cuddles and Dimples – Nigel Parkinson (reprint)

– Damn it. BAD

PG 33: Noshy Monsters – Wayne Thompson

– A really exciting cliffhanger and some really good artwork – Noshy Monsters has been unexpectedly amazing so far! GOOD

PG 34: Bad Grandad – Andy Fanton

– Bad Grandad is starting to seem funnier and is becoming far more enjoyable. I actually forget that Michelle writes it – at least, I think she does – right, Fanton? Andy’s artwork is also really starting to improve – especially when compared to his early George VS. Dragon strips! GOOD

PG 35: Next Week!

– Win some LEGO Star Wars toys! Desperate Dan by Jamie Smart! Gran Theft Auto by Stu Munro – madvert possibly? NEW! Superball by Nigel Auchterlounie! NEW! The Incredible Sulk – Steve Beckett! NEW! Thor Bum – Paul Palmer! GOOD

PG 36: Back Cover – Wayne Thompson

– Not too much to say except some great artwork by Wayne! GOOD

Kid Cops - Lew Stringer

Kid Cops - Lew Stringer - Is the end nigh?

If I had to order the strips from best to worst, here’s my order!

1. Blundercats

2. Nuke Noodle

3. The Bogies

4. Kid Cops

5. My Mum’s a Brain-Eating Zombie

6. Mega-Lo Maniacs

7. Mr. Meecher, the Uncool Teacher

8. Noshy Monsters

9. Bad Grandad

10. The Arena of Awesome

11. Crash Test Dummy

12. Not So Wise Owl

13. Chronic the Hedgehog

14. Alan the Forgetful Goldfish

15. Desperate Dan

16. Go Ape

17. Iykan Si-Yu

18. Angry Nerds

19. Guitar Zero

20. Bananaman

21. My Own Genie

22. Tooth Hurty

23. My Sister’s So Dumb

24. The Dandy Presents… Snowfight and the Seven Boyfriends

25. Cuddles and Dimples

26. Sneaker

27. Korky the Cat

28. The Adult Code

Be sure to grab yourself a copy of the latest issue of The Dandy which is on sale now in most stores for only £1.99 – 36 pages of laughs and brilliant art! Until next time – see ya peeps! 

– Harry Rickard

Images found on Lew Stringer’s blog and The Dandy’s Facebook page – thank you for supplying them.

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    April 26, 2012 21:55

    Why do you say the address wasn’t published in the Mailbag last week? It’s there, in the centre of the bottom edge of the page (surrounded by Lego).

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