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The Dandy – Issue 3578

April 18, 2012

The Dandy - Issue 3578

The Dandy - Issue 3578 - FINALLY!

Three weeks ago, Issue 3577 came out and now finally after ages of that comic sitting on the shelves of stores up and down the country collecting dust – Issue 3578 has knocked it out of its place and it’s back to the weekly format for the next couple of weeks! Phew!

But was the three week wait worth it? I’d say it certainly was! What a great issue of The Dandy!

So, what exactly makes this issue so great? Well,  firstly…

NEW STORIES! With 99 Genius Homework Excuses finally ending this week means that two new strips have to fill in the missing spots. These being Tooth Hurty which is a new mini-strip drawn by Paul Palmer and Chronic the Hedgehog drawn by new artist (and a favourite of mine), Rick Eades! Hurrah!

But the surprises don’t end there – in fact, there’s something even more surprising! The return of Nick Brennan’s Blinky! (sadly reprints but oh well!) – Blinky triumphantly returns in a two-pager full of the laughs and gags which we’ve missed during this Blinky-less era and manages to be the only other reprint within the comic with Cuddles and Dimples and Beryl both facing the boot to make way for The Dandy Apprentice! Ooh! 

Chronic the Hedgehog - Rick Eades

Chronic the Hedgehog - Rick Eades NEW! (and brilliant)!

Anyway, now I’m just keeping you waiting, bring on the content!

PG 1: Front Cover – Wayne Thompson

– Wayne once again provides us with a brilliant cover image but this time without Bananaman! Eh? That’s right, Blight and Gloom get the cover this week with a silly ploy that’s bound to have results on the back cover! My only criticism is that as much as I like the Bananaman covers – I’d much rather see some new stories getting the cover. Perhaps Nuke Noodle or Mr Meecher for the lengthy time in the comic? GOOD

PG 2: Jokes – Rick Eades (stock-art)

– Moving on swiftly… BAD

PG 3: What’s Inside? – Jamie Smart

– First puzzles and now contents pages – Jamie manages to have me in stitches with the latest of the adorable ‘Sekret (sic.) Diary of a Dandy Editor’ – I hope this is to become a regular on the contents page for a bit as this is a really good idea and gets you already laughing before you’ve even began – who can’t love diary entries like “Today I brought a PIG into the office to BOOST MORALE.” – pure genius. GOOD

PG 4: Mega-Lo Maniacs – Jamie Smart

– Firstly, I must say how much I love Gurf – what a brilliant idiot for a character – and yet still full of EVIL! I really like the idea of Mega-Lo Maniacs getting a different monster each time as you get to learn a bit more about them. Plus the humour is exquisite. Once again, just fantastic. GOOD

PG 6: The Dandy Presents… Winnie and the Poo – Nigel Auchterlounie

– Could a comic strip be any more vulgar than this? No. I think this one takes the biscuit. The story may have been quite funny with a dark yet humorous ending. I still dislike the grossness of the story which lowers my tastes for it. AVERAGE

PG 7: Shorts #1:

– 99 Genius Homework Excuses (No. 99) – Karl Dixon

– Angry Nerds – Will Dawbarn

– Crash Test Dummy – Karl Dixon

– Jibber & Steve – Nigel Auchterlounie

– Mixed opinions on this page. Firstly, what a relief to see the final of the Homework Excuses – it means more variety in mini-strips and maybe funnier stories too. Angry Nerds faced a tough week in my eyes after a promising start however Will’s artwork on the nerds themselves stays at its high standards. Crash Test Dummy was very funny this week but sadly doesn’t look too appealing for the ugly speech bubbles. I swear there are two types of speech bubbles and sadly Crash Test Dummy drew the short straw – however, the story remains a good read and shouldn’t be lowered for something that was not Karl’s fault. Jibber & Steve wasn’t as god as usual this week however still seemed decent enough for me to enjoy. AVERAGE

PG 8: Madvertisement: Boy Louts – Nigel Auchterlounie

– There is such thing as taking a good idea too far. And sadly this is one of those cases. What I do wonder is whether this Madvert is actually a Madvert now and instead a regular page. I hope it’s not. BAD

PG  9: Bananaman – Wayne Thompson

– I didn’t really see the joke behind Bananaman this week and I feel the one page is restricting the action. What I don’t understand is why Bananaman is a one-pager but still gets the front and back covers – Bananaman should simply be two pages every week – maybe even three and replace those dull Madverts. Unless Stu returns soon with actual funny Madverts – I don’t see a point of having themAVERAGE

PG 10: My Own Genie – Jamie Smart (reprints)

– “This pig looks like my cat except my cat isn’t pink or a pig…” – could humour be any better than that? My Own Genie fits in nicely with the current line-up I think. In fact, I actually forgot about it being a reprint thinking that Blinky was the only reprint in this week’s issue! My Own Genie is good every week – no doubt about it. And this week was no exception with the story being just as laugh-out-loud funny as the rest of them. What I do want to see is the series end for a bit though and maybe do a second run of My Own Genie later as I’m certain I’m not the only one who wants to a certain Prime Minister, a certain space cadet or a certain loveable, green blob back – eh? GOOD

PG 12: Blundercats – Steve Beckett

– Blunder! Blunder! Blunder! Blundercats Ho! – I’m sure I’m not the only one absolutely loving Steve’s new series – already I feel like I’ve found a favourite! I particularly enjoyed the previous two what with the cliffhanger and all – plus the “Last Time” panel at the top of the strip has a brilliant image to go with it which actually seems fairly scary! I also really like the epilogues that go with the story with Mummy Ha-Ha’s latest ploys being announced – it makes me want to read the next adventure! GOOD

PG 13: Mr Meecher, the Uncool Teacher – Will Dawbarn

– What’s happened to Meech? He’s slowly slipping behind now – maybe he’s been going for a bit too long? All I can say is what a great shame. This week’s was an improvement on the Coolio story-arc with some great gags in between such as the piece of string, Tristan-Trevor confusion and the contact with more adults – however the strip lacked what I’d find a funny ending and while Will’s art may be getting better every week – sadly the storylines are somewhat lacking *something*. Apologies, Will. AVERAGE

PG 14: The Dandy Subscription Page

– Ooh! Nice makeover! GOOD

PG 15: Nuke Noodle – Alexander Matthews

– Nuke Noodle meets Dr Jekyll! That can only mean one thing – sheer stupidity (and in a good way)! Plus blinkin’ flip – look at that title picture! It looks blimmin’ incredible! Gah, Alexander! Why didn’t you show this talent before – you’re flippin’ amazing at art! :O GOOD

PG 16: Comps!

– More Kre-O… Grr… AVERAGE

PG 17: Shorts #2:

– Chronic the Hedgehog – Rick Eades NEW!

– Not So Wise Owl – Laura Howell

– The Adult Code – Duncan Scott

– Korky the Cat – Phil Corbett

– This shorts page suffers exactly the same problem as on Page 7 only in reverse! Chronic is brilliant – I knew Rick wouldn’t let me down – I mean, have you even seen his actual webcomic comic? How can artwork look say neat and brilliant? Not So Wise Owl is off to a grand start with some great humour and a brilliant bus scene – it’s nice to see a mini-strip that doesn’t lack amazing detail! The Adult Code should really just end now and so should Korky – at least, until they can find a better artist for him. *cough*Jay Towsend*cough* GOOD (purely for Chronic and Not So Wise Owl) 

PG 18: The Arena of Awesome – Jamie Smart

– It’s lovely to see this strip back – I mean, what other comic strip would allow such ridiculous versus matches between a professional Mexican wrestler and a balloon? This strip is fantastic as always and is certainly no exception to the continuing brilliance of the series. GOOD

PG 20: Noshy Monsters – Wayne Thompson

– I really did misjudge this strip when I first saw it – I thought it’d be very average and boy was I wrong! Noshy Monsters is surprisingly a very good comic series  and stands out for its continuing storyline at the moment with Billy’s firt day at school with those two starving monsters! GOOD

PG 21: Kid Cops – Lew Stringer

– Kid Cops really does take the mickey out of the ridiculous political correctness which is creeping its way into all our childhood memories… Lew’s artwork plus the brilliant scripts which I do believe he writes himself are a perfect combination and work to make this strip one I will always fondly remember. GOOD

PG 22: Advert: The Bogies App/The Dandy App

– Technical Adverts!! AVERAGE

PG 23: Go Ape – Wayne Thompson

– I’m still not too sure on my opinion of Go Ape – I can see the clear Hanna-Barbera inspiration but for some reason I really dislike the stories. Slapstick comedy is better off in the arms of Meebo and Zuky in my personal opinion. AVERAGE

PG 24: The Bogies – Nigel Auchterlounie

– This strip becoming two pages was a sight for sore eyes and the comic certainly feels even funnier now at two pages permanently. Dr. Goo has always been one of my favourites of The Bogies as well as Harry Snotter and Splatman and many others and this strip doesn’t fail to deliver many laughs, gags and the fantastic Auchterlounie comedy we’re all familiar with and love. GOOD 

PG 26: Mailbag

– Three pages of The Bogies this week! Wait, hang on – that’s just fan-art? Blimey! Well done, Nina Vacic for a brilliant story of The Bogies. Just a shame it couldn’t have been blown up bigger – it was a great read and probably the best Dandy fan-art I’ve seen on that page! However I can’t help but notice the Mailbag is missing something – that’s right, details! There’s nothing showing how to send in your fan-art! Whoops! GOOD

PG 27: Shorts #3:

– Iykan Si-Yu – Andy Fanton

– Tooth Hurty – Paul Palmer NEW!

– My Mum’s a Brain-Eating Zombie – Dean Rankine

– Alan the Forgetful Goldfish – Paul Palmer

– Easily the best mini-strip page in the issue I think. With the page kicking off with the hilarious Iykan Si-Yu where Andy manages to deliver yet another hilarious story in three panels. Tooth Hurty probably has the silliest name for a strip but the joke itself is decent and Paul’s artwork is ever is brilliant. My Mum’s a Brain-Eating Zombie is once again very strong and has surprisingly  been a very good mini-strip and I hope to see more of Dean Rankine in the future! Alan the Forgetful Goldfish was sadly simply a knock-knock joke which was a shame but still managed to be somewhat funny and continues its surprisingly funny run. The novelty hasn’t worn off yet! I’m impressed! GOOD

PG 28: Could YOU be the next Dandy Apprentice? – Nik Holmes

– Well, could you? As much as I want to enter – I am not happy with the rules as I’d much rather enter a comic-strip I have already created rather than drawing it on their template. AVERAGE

PG 31: Desperate Dan – Jamie Smart

– Dan is possibly in his greatest era yet delivering many laughs every week. Also, nice to see the indians saying ‘um’ – it annoyed me when Little Plum went politically correct and dropped the ‘ums’. GOOD

PG 32: Blinky – Nick Brennan (reprints) HE’S BACK!*

– “He’s back! He’s a hit! He’s Blinky! The short-sighted nit!” – well, I’m already impressed. I must admit, the fact that they are reprints really doesn’t bother me one bit because firstly, these reprints have been masked really well – unlike Beryl and Cuddles and Dimples, these actually look almost new – plus the speech bubbles look great – they’ve got the good balloonist for this one! It’s actually really nice to see Blinky back – I was really fond of him and unlike the terrible toddlers – he actually made me laugh and this week’s nutty story reminded me of how much of a brilliant character he really was. I hope he’s to stay! GOOD

PG 34: Bad Grandad – Andy Fanton

– Andy’s always been one of my favourite artists purely for his humour and detail. Just look at the stuff in Grandad’s room – The Dandy #1, a Rolling Stones poster and what’s that – why it’s a pizza box from War ‘n’ Pizza! Nicely done, Fants! GOOD

PG 35: Next Week!

– Woof in Mega-Lo Maniacs! Nuke Noodle meets Neill Armstrong! The B-Team are back! NEW! My Sister’s so Dumb by Karl Dixon! NEW! Guitar Zero by Alexander Matthews! Roll on next week! GOOD

PG 36: Back Cover – Wayne Thompson

– The continued gag from the front – I won’t tell you what it is though! You have to buy it to find out! GOOD

* – Notice how when they state a character before the revamp is back – they actually mean is having re-run which hopefully none of you would remember… e.g. Cuddles and Dimples, Blinky, Beryl the Peril, Space Raoul, My Own Genie – and I bet Ollie Fliptrick will soon be joining them…

Winnie and the Poo - Nigel Auchterlounie

Winnie and the Poo - Nigel Auchterlounie - a little too vulgar perhaps?

So how would a rate the stories in order from best to worst, well, you lucky people – you can find out below!

1. The Bogies

2. Mega-Lo Maniacs

3. Blundercats

4. Chronic the Hedgehog

5. Nuke Noodle

6. Blinky

7. Not So Wise Owl

8. Iykan Si-Yu

9. The Arena of Awesome

10. Blundercats

11. Crash Test Dummy

12. Desperate Dan

13. Kid Cops

14. Bad Grandad

15. My Own Genie

16. Jibber & Steve

17. My Mum’s a Brain-Eating Zombie

18. Noshy Monsters

19. Mr. Meecher, the Uncool Teacher

20. Alan the Forgetful Goldfish

21. The Dandy Presents… Winnie and the Poo

22. Angry Nerds

23. Bananaman

24. Go Ape

25. 99 Genius Homework Excuses

26. Korky the Cat

27. The Adult Code

The Arena of Awesome - Jamie Smart

The Arena of Awesome - Jamie Smart - WRESTLER VS. BALLOON!

Be sure to grab yourself a copy of the latest issue of The Dandy which is on sale now in most stores for only £1.99 – 36 pages of laughs and brilliant art! Until next time – see ya peeps! 

– Harry Rickard

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