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The Wizzo Comic (2008-2012)

April 1, 2012


I have some bad news for any Wizzo artists and Wizzo fans as you may have figured from the title of this post – I’m ending The Wizzo Comic.

It’s been great fun working on it and we’re so happy to have made some fans but our GCSEs are more important than the future of the comic and we’re far too busy to carry on. The GCSEs have become a roadblock between us and entertaining you all with great strips and new laughs – they’ve made us realise that the comic isn’t too important. We won’t be getting jobs from doing it and barely anyone is interested in buying a copy.

This decision has been conferred with the co-editor, Hannes Smit. We’ve decided it’s time for the close of the comic – a day we never really wanted to see come but sadly, we knew the day was coming so it pains us to say there will be no more issues after the release of Issue 5 meaning sadly, the readers will never get to read the adventures of Snuffle, Team Time and The Tyke-ings – but we are putting their intended adventures up onto the Wizzo website which will remain open but will stop being updated.

The final issue will be Issue 4 and will be on sale soon. We don’t know of the future of the Wizzo yet but until our GCSEs are over – don’t be expecting Issue 5. We’re so sorry, , thank you so much for all of your support, what you have done for us is truly magical.

But for now, goodbye to The Wizzo Comic, 2008-2012. You will be sorely missed. 


– Harry Rickard

P.S. The website has now had all current content removed but you can still see it here:

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