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April 1, 2012

Sorry guys, the news of The Wizzo ending? It wasn’t actually true – complete lies! Well, except for GCSEs being more important than the comic. That is true – remember that any young people venturing into the world of self-comics!

So, what have we had to do to trick the people we did?

I originally planned the entire thing yesterday and wrote up the news post. I then informed a number of Wizzo artists who were online – Faye White then posted about it. Hannes Smit decided to go along with the prank and edited the website to make a convincing end to the comic. Well done to anyone who spotted in the address bar – we were hoping no-one would notice! George Shiers then helped out be retweeting, sharing and posting all about the comic. I edited a few pages of The Wizzo on the internet and *wallop!* we were ready to sit back and watch the excitement begin!

It might be best to make it clear that no, the Wizzo Comic is NOT ending and that the comic will hopefully continue for some time yet! Of course, GCSEs may get in the way but this project has become to big to just end! Heck, we’ve only just started! 

Issue 5 will be out very soon we’re excited to say – and as for Issue 4? Well, that’s pretty much finished! Hooray! We’ve ordered a few more copies of  Issue 3 and then we’ll be bringing out the next issue! It’s all very exciting!

But anyway, more of that on a later date, eh? 


– Harry Rickard


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