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The Dandy – Issue 3577

March 30, 2012

The Dandy - Issue 3577

The Dandy - Issue 3577. A work of art.

It’s been a while since my last Dandy-related blog post, apologies. Anyway, I’m back now trying to get my mind off of recent events

Firstly, I will mention the bad things about The Dandy – because yes, there are a lot this week.

1. The comic this week is packaged.

2. Why? Because of the 3 (or in my case, 4) mystery gifts! (A.K.A. A rummage through the Dandy Gift Dept.)

3. How much is this week’s issue? £3.99 of course! Yes, really.

4. And how many pages? 44, right? Or more? Pah! No, of course not – 36 pages, duh!

5. Oh dear… But at least next week’s issue will – oh wait, this issue lasts us three weeks.

I honestly was considering not being this week’s issue. If it was 44 pages, yeah, that I could accept. But 36?! For £3.99?! It’s not even like the gifts added on to the price as they’re all already been used before! So where is the price rise from?

But of course, that’s got hardly anything to do with content as I will go on to talk about. You see, whereas this issue may well be known throughout eternity now as ‘The Rip-Off Special’ – the content itself is actually at an all-time high. In fact, maybe its highest…

But before I begin to talk about the contents – let us first talk about any news in the comic. Well, this week’s issue has taken the award for ‘Best Front Cover’ from last week’s Blundercats front cover – with a truly mind-blowing illustration by Jamie Smart to celebrate the debut of his brand-new humour-adventure series, Mega-Lo Maniacs. Inside after a hilarious What’s Inside picture once again by Jamie Smart – is the pages I was dreading, page 4 and 5. Two pages of those unwanted idiots – I mean celebrities in Celeb School. I turn the page expecting to get punched in the face by the celebrity armada – but no, what’s this? This isn’t Celeb School! It’s… MEGA-LO MANIACS *punches air in happiness* – after a quick flick through the 36 pages – I found no traces of Celeb School meaning it has actually ended! Hooray!

Mega-Lo Maniacs

Mega-Lo Maniacs. Voodoo Adoodoo - a proper villain!

Also inside is a new mini-strip which has replaced Andy Fanton’s Stupid Barrio Bros called Not So Wise Owl which is drawn by Meebo and Zuky artist, Laura Howell. As sad as I am to see the end of Barry and Baz – seeing Laura finally in the comic was brilliant to see! (now for her to hopefully take over Beryl!)

So, let’s get to the contents finally –

PG 1: Front Cover – Jamie Smart

– An exciting and packed cover by Smart which I am really fond of – easily the best front cover to ever appear in The Dandy.

PG 2: Jokes – Chris McGhie

– Erm, moving on…

PG 3: What’s Inside? – Jamie Smart

– A humorous peek at The Dandy Editor’s Sekret (sic.) Diary with some silly humour and bursting full of Jamie!

PG 4: Mega-Lo Maniacs – Jamie Smart NEW!

– Just amazing. Simply amazing. Full of life, full of adventure, full of excitement, full of Jamie Smart at his finest.

PG 6: Puzzle: Nuke Noodle’s Puzzle Page – Alexander Matthews

– A silly and funny spoof on puzzles and full of the typical crazy humour that ‘Nuke Noodle’ has incorporated.

PG 7: Shorts #1:

– 99 Genius Homework Excuses (No. 96) – Karl Dixon

– Crash Test Dummy – Karl Dixon

– Angry Nerds – Wilbur Dawbarn

– Jibber & Steve – Nigel Auchterlounie

– 99GHE was average, Crash Test Dummy wasn’t as good but was still good enough, Angry Nerds made me laugh plus I love the art style, Jibber & Steve was as usual absolutely hilarious – overall, a good minis page!

PG 8: Madvertisement: Boy Louts – Nigel Auchterlounie

– A good madvert that felt more like the madverts The Dandy first used which is certainly a good thing!

PG 9: Bananaman – Wayne Thompson

– An average week for Bananaman this time round. I blame the one page limitation – Bananaman needs two pages.

PG 10: My Own Genie – Jamie Smart

– Sadly one I had read before – but the artwork and storyline are still fantastic and the strip actually fits in really nicely with the comic.

PG 12: Blundercats – Steve Beckett

– A second humour-adventure story for The Dandy – ooooh! A brilliant cliffhanger and a great spoof of Thundercats!

PG 13: Mr. Meecher, the Uncool Teacher – Wilbur Dawbarn

– I’m still enjoying Mr Meecher every week – but I found this Coolio-arc to be quite weak. Maybe it’s time to give Meech a rest for a bit and introduce some new Dawbarn one-pagers? Or a second run for Rocky’s Horror Show?

PG 14: Dandy Subscription Page

– Moving on…

PG 15: Nuke Noodle – Alexander Matthews

– A funny storyline with some great artwork to match it by Alex – I’m particularly keen on this week’s title picture – very funny! 

PG 16: Comps!

– Moving on…

PG 17: Shorts #2:

– 99 Genius Homework Excuses (No. 97) – Karl Dixon

– Adult Code – Duncan Scott

– Korky the Cat – Phil Corbett

– Not So Wise Owl – Laura Howell NEW!

– 99GHE was average, Adult Code was dull, Korky the Cat was funny but once again was not a proper Korky story, Not So Wise Owl was slightly predictable but still funny with great artwork. Overall, a slightly poor minis page.

PG 18: The Arena of Awesome – Jamie Smart

– A very clever storyline guaranteed to mind-boggle – plus it’s hilarious! Hooray!

PG 20: Puzzle: Slop Gear –  Nik Holmes

– Boring to look at – even though Nik is a good artist – which much rather see more of him in comic strips rather than in his unfunny puzzles.

PG 21: Kid Cops – Lew Stringer

– A good storyline very similar to a story a few weeks ago with the mysterious character and then the joke – nicely done and keeps you wanting to read more. 

PG 22: The Dandy Presents… Hansel and Pretzel – Nigel Auchterlounie

– A funny story full of the usual Auchterlounie humour which you expect to see in his strips.

PG 23: Go Ape – Wayne Thompson

– Despite having better artwork and feeling more like the old Hanna-Barbera style – the story was dull and the joke for unclear. I’m not sure yet on what I think of Go Ape.

PG 24: The Bogies – Nigel Auchterlounie

– A very funny story which has that familiar Auchterlounie humour packed in it with living sofas, silly misunderstandings and loads of stupid jokes!

PG 26: Mailbag

-Some nice artwork this week, especially Arran Kettles who does a fantastic Dragon picture and Katrina Innes who draws a better picture of Christian the Prawn than Phil Corbett does.

PG 27: Shorts #3:

– 99 Genius Homework Excuses (No. 98) – Karl Dixon

– My Mum’s a Brain-Eating Zombie – Dean Rankine

– Iykan Si-Yu – Andy Fanton

– Alan the Forgetful Goldfish – Paul Palmer

– 99 GHE was average again – No. 99 in three weeks time, My Mum’s a Brain-Eating Zombie was okay – not as good as usual, Iykan Si-Yu was very similar to the first story but still worked well and made me chuckle, Alan the Forgetful Goldfish is brilliant so far – how the joke hasn’t got old is really impressive!

PG 28: Cuddles and Dimples – Nigel Parkinson

– Oh dear, and it was all so good  up until now. What an awful story – and it’s a reprint as well! The stories remind me of the ‘Dandy at its worst’ days (2004-2010) with the awkward humour and irritating personalities. I look forward to the day it turns into a two-pager.

PG 31: Beryl the Peril – John Dallas

– I don’t know why they thought using these ancient strips was a good idea – was this really what they thought we meant by “Bring back Beryl!”? Because it really wasn’t. Still, John’s artwork is refreshing and should please the nostalgists. 

PG 32: Advert: The Bogies App/The Dandy App

– Ooh! Technical and modern!

PG 33: Noshy Monsters – Wayne Thompson

– Once again a great week for Noshy Monsters which is actually my favourite comic strip ever by Wayne Thompson! The art style is great and the stories have that nice balance of humour yet also in a nice, continuing storyline.

PG 34: Bad Grandad -Andy Fanton

– The best yet. Easily. Full of great humour and actually feels like Andy wrote it – it’s that good! Although I’d prefer Bad Grandad nearer to the front – it doesn’t work near the back. I’d prefer to see Nuke Noodle on page 34 honestly – but this is no criticism to the strip which was fantastic this week.

PG 35: Next Time!

– NEW! Chronic the Hedgehog by… who’s that?… is it? Blimey, it is! It’s Rick Eades! EEEEEEEEEP!! Finally!

PG 36: Desperate Dan – Jamie Smart

– A funny story once again which works perfectly right at the back – it’s a great story to end it on and it’s nice to see it back where it belongs.

Nuke Noodle

Nuke Noodle beats up poor, ol' Einstein!

I’m not doing ratings this time around – instead I’m ordering the stories – it might be a bit more interesting – (I doubt it!)

1. Mega-Lo Maniacs

2. Blundercats

3. The Bogies

4. Nuke Noodle

5. Bad Grandad

6. Noshy Monsters

7. Desperate Dan

8. Jibber & Steve

9. The Arena of Awesome

10. My Own Genie

11. The Dandy Presents… Hansel and Pretzel

12. Alan the Forgetful Goldfish

13. Angry Nerds

14. Iykan Si-Yu

15. Kid Cops

16. My Mum’s a Brain-Eating Zombie

17. Not So Wise Owl

18. Korky the Cat

19. Go Ape

20. Crash Test Dummy

21. Mr. Meecher, the Uncool Teacher

22. Bananaman

23. Beryl the Peril

24. 99 Genius Homework Excuses

25. Cuddles and Dimples

26. Adult Code

Bad Grandad

The best Bad Grandad yet?

That’s all for now, folks – the next Dandy review will be in 3 weeks time, hope you all have a great Easter Holidays!

– Harry Rickard

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