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The Dandy – Issue 3566 (old post)

February 5, 2012

NOTE: Old post, I forgot to upload it!

New Year is finally upon and what better way to start the year with style than another brilliant issue of the Dandy?

So what does the first issue of 2012 bring us? Who seems to have replaced Harry Hill? What’s to become of Bananaman? Let’s find out shall we?

Firstly if you all missed my last blog post about the Dandy Christmas Special – then you have missed out on some big news. Harry Hill’s Real Life Adventures in TV Land has come to an end after a whole year and a bit, Harry Hill and Knitted Character have packed their bags and left the Dandy forever. The hole left behind by Harry Hill’s departure was massive – with the Dandy’s main strip gone, it was time for a new one… But who claimed the spot? Was it Desperate Dan? Bananaman? My Own Genie? A new celebrity story? No, it was Jamie Smart’s genius Pre-Skool Prime Minister which I am most happy to see back on pages 4 and 5!

What else is there to say? Well, Nik Holmes’ Clown Wars serial has returned for a second series starting off right where the first series left off – and boy am I glad it’s back! It obviously proved popular and they brought it back as the last time I spoke to Nik – he said Clown Wars had ended forever! I must admit, I thought the first series ended pretty weirdly though with them about to break into the secret base… I wonder if a second series had been planned the whole time?

This week sees the return of the brilliant, blue duo, Jibber & Steve as well as almost all the mini-strips that missed out on a spot in the Christmas Special (these being Dad’s Turn to Cook, Go Compare!, Punslinger, Count Slugula, Brian Damage, Star T.Rex and Snoop Dawg). However two of the 7 strips must’ve not made it to 2012… These being Go Compare! by Paul Palmer and Snoop Dawg by Wayne Thompson – two of which I’m glad to be seeing the end of! This means that not only have my two least favourite mini-strips gone – but it also meant there were absolutely no celebrities in this week’s issue, something which I hope they can keep up! Only one new strip this week which replaced Snoop Dawg which was called ‘We Be Trees’ by Phil Corbett – a simple-looking mini strip drawn in a very basic style with a good concept behind it which I enjoyed.

The best strip this week was easily Mr Meecher, the Uncool Teacher by Will Dawbarn who managed to do a fantastic comic mash-up of Mr Meecher and Winker Watson – with hilarious results! The worst strip was probably Bananaman overall which sadly had a poor ending despite a good build-up – at least Wayne’s artwork was as good as usual.

Anyway, enough with the talking! Now to go on to the content!

PG 1: Front Cover – Wayne Thompson (featuring Bananaman)

PG 2: Jokes! – Jamie Smart (featuring Desperate Dan) (stock-art)

PG 3: What’s Inside? – Nik Holmes (featuring Clown Wars)

PG 4: Pre-Skool Prime Minister – Jamie Smart

PG 6: Competition: Win a Sonic Game and a 3DS!

PG 7: Mr Meecher, the Uncool Teacher – Will Dawbarn

PG 8: Puzzle: Hey You!! Slappy! – Jamie Smart

PG 9: Shorts #1: 99 Genius Homework Excuses (No. 62) – Karl Dixon, Dad’s Turn to Cook – Paul Palmer, Jibber & Steve – Nigel Auchterlounie IT’S BACK!, The Punslinger – Andy Fanton/Stu Munro

PG 10: Bananaman – Wayne Thompson

PG 12: Advert: Dandy Subscription Page

PG 13: Madvertisement: ForReal Pets (So real… they’re REAL!) – Stu Munro

PG 14: My Own Genie – Jamie Smart (reprints)

PG 16: The Bogies – Nigel Auchterlounie (featuring Splatman)

PG 17: Nuke Noodle – Alexander Matthews

PG 18: My Freaky Family – Nigel Auchterlounie

PG 19: Shorts #2: 99 Genius Homework Excuses (No. 63) – Karl Dixon, Brian Damage – Stephen White, Count Slugula – Nik Holmes, Korky the Cat – Phil Corbett

PG 20: Advert: The Dandy Website/The Dandy YouTube Channel

PG 21: Postman Prat – Lew Stringer

PG 22: Craft: Ew Peter! – Nik Holmes

PG 23: Rocky O’Flair – Wayne Thompson

PG 24: The Bogies – Nigel Auchterlounie (featuring Gobbin Hood) (Huh, again?! Yay!)

PG 25: Craft: Create a Comic! – Jamie Smart (featuring Blue Blobs) (stock-art)

PG 26: Space Raoul – Jamie Smart (reprints)

PG 28: Mailbag

PG 29: Shorts #3: 99 Genius Homework Excuses (No. 64) – Karl Dixon, Animals Eat the Funniest Things – Duncan Scott, Star T.Rex – Stephen Waller, We Be Trees – Phil Corbett NEW!

PG 30: Puzzle: Connect Thor – Stu Munro

PG 31: Clown Wars – Nik Holmes IT’S BACK!

PG 32: Puzzle: Desperate Dan Puzzle Page – Jamie Smart (reprint)

PG 33: Pepperoni Pig – Wayne Thompson

PG 34: George VS. Dragon – Andy Fanton

PG 35: Next Week (featuring My Own Genie, Desperate Dan, Postman Prat, Korky the Cat and Space Raoul)

PG 36: Back Page: Desperate Dan – Jamie Smart


Pre-Skool Prime Minister: 10/10

Mr Meecher, the Uncool Teacher: 10/10

Bananaman: 8/10

My Own Genie: 10/10

The Bogies (Splatman): 9/10

Nuke Noodle: 10/10

My Freaky Family: 9/10

Postman Prat: 9/10

Rocky O’Flair: 10/10

The Bogies (Gobbin Hood): 9.5/10

Space Raoul: 10/10

Clown Wars: 10/10

Pepperoni Pig: 10/10

George VS. Dragon: 9/10

Desperate Dan: 9.5/10

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