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The Wizzo Comic – Issue 3 AVAILABLE TO BUY NOW!

December 31, 2011


The Wizzo Comic, Issue 3 - AVAILABLE TO BUY NOW!

The Wizzo Comic, Issue 3 is out right now – available to buy on IndyPlanet and can be found on HERE!! 
It is available for $4.50 (Roughly £2.89 when automatically converted on PayPal) plus some extra for P+P (May be up to £4.80 for postage to the UK, sorry, we are trying to buy in bulk, so we can distribute for a fair price.)

The Wizzo Comic is a brand new charity comic designed to tickle the funny-bone of comic fans of all ages! The comic is jam-packed with hilarious stories, fun, likeable characters and classic comic fun all inside many glorious, fun-filled pages! Half of the money raised will go towards various charities including JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) Cancer Research and Chestnut Treehouse to keep terminally ill kids smiling.

Blong goes weightlifting, Zappy invents a state-of-the-art translator and Chav and Jim are feeling the hot weather! Plus lots of new stories such as Stupid Steve, Get a Job Bob, Tornado Tommy, The Wee Musketeer and the Crash Test Dummies! Plus brand new mini-strip pages including new favourites like Robert Robot, Tall and Small, How the Dinosaurs Died Out, Crazy Cartoons and The Weather Man!

We’ll also have a downloadable copy of the comic which can be saved to your computer’s documents to keep forever whether you print it out or keep it safe in your files. The downloadable PDF version will be available very soon and will be downloadable for only £1.50 with 50p of the money going towards the issue’s chosen charity! What a bargain!


PG 1: Front Cover – Harry Rickard

PG 2: What’s Inside? – Harry Rickard

PG 3: Blong – Harry Rickard

PG 6: Zappy – Harry Rickard

PG 8: Zappy/The Game – Kieren Gillespie NEW!

PG 9: i-Wish – Harry Rickard NEW!

PG 10: Tiny Tim – Kieren Gillespie

PG 11: Shorts #1: Robert Robot – Harry Rickard NEW!, Tall and Small – Hannes Smit NEW!, Joust Joking – Harry Rickard, The Weather Man – Jonathan Barham NEW!

PG 12: Jumbo Jet – Hannes Smit NEW!

PG 14: Halves: Jungle Jeopardy – Harry Rickard/The Wee Musketeer – Max Champion NEW!

PG 15: Magic Buns – Sue Nicholls NEW!

PG 16: Stupid Steve – Sam Jones NEW!

PG 18: Arty’s Know How – Harry Rickard

PG 20: Tornado Tommy – Jonathan Barham NEW!

Pg 21: Crash Test Dummies – Kieren Gillespie NEW!

PG 22: Get a Job Bob – Hannes Smit NEW!

PG 24: Frank’s Footie Team – Harry Rickard

PG 25: Wizzo Chibis – Harry Rickard NEW!

PG 26: James Pond – Harry Rickard NEW!

PG 27: Shorts #2: How the Dinosaurs Died Out – Hannes Smit NEW!, Crazy Cartoons – Kieren Gillespie NEW!, Frankie – Hannes Smit NEW!, Bill the Buyer – Jonathan Barham NEW!

PG 28: Patrick the Prankster – Harry Rickard

Pg 30: Chav and Jim – Hannes Smit

PG 31: Next Time!

PG 32: Back Page: Our Publisher

The Wizzo Comic, Issue 3, ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY £2.50*!

*Plus extra for P&P

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  1. January 3, 2012 14:23

    I’m very tempted to get the PDF version – any idea when it’ll be available?

    (And I must say, it’s a refreshing change to see digital distribution minus DRM, with the publishers encouraging you to print out your own if you want hard copy, instead of doing all they possibly can to prevent you reading it except on the device you bought it on, and treating you like a potential criminal rather than a customer… although you probably weren’t thinking about any of that! 😉 )

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