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The Dandy – Issue 3557

October 22, 2011

The Dandy - Issue 3557

The Dandy - Issue 3557

Brought it, read it, loved it! I finally got my copy of the Dandy on Thursday and it was worth the wait. This week was another special comic meaning 4 extra pages, a bigger cover, a free gift and of course a price rise. Before I go into detail about how good this issue was I’d like to firstly point out something. Notice it’s only 36 pages yet it’s £2.50, we’re being ripped off, we should be paying £2.50 for 44 pages, remember? The Beano is 36 pages every week now and we only pay £1.50 for it, so what are we actually paying £2.50 for? The free gift and the bigger cover, that’s what.

But don’t get me wrong, sure, we’ve been ripped off but at least the comic is good – strong stories, beautiful artwork and funny features. This comic really is 100% Funny! So what’s the line-up? Read on…

PG 1: Front Cover – Various artists (Nigel Parkinson, Andy Fanton, Jamie Smart, Phil Corbett, Wayne Thompson)

PG 2: Jokes – Duncan Scott (stock art)

PG 3: What’s Inside? – Jamie Smart (new art advertising “free” jumping spider gift)

PG 4: Harry Hill’s Real Life Adventures in TV Land – Nigel Parkinson (Which managed to feature no celebrities except Harry Hill, oh happy days!)

PG 6: Mr Meecher, the Uncool Teacher – Will Dawbarn (Or is it Captain Cool?)

PG 7: Old Trafford, After the Game – Nigel Parkinson (One-off celebrity story featuring Wayne Rooney)

PG 8: Madvertisement: The Mum and Dad Lie Detector! – Nik Holmes

PG 9; Shorts #1: 99 Genius Homework Excuses (No. 34) – Karl Dixon, Go Compare! – Paul Palmer, Turtle Wipeout – Stu Munro, Watch this Space – Nick Brennan

PG 10: Pre-Skool Prime Minister – Jamie Smart (Two pages!!)

PG 12: Rocky’s Horror Show: Night of the Dim ‘Un – Will Dawbarn (Wasn’t as funny this week sadly…)

PG 13: Competition: Win an iPod Touch!

PG 14: Advert: Beano (Ratz – Hunt Emerson)

PG 15: Puzzle: Professor Popalot – Lorenzo Etherington

PG 16: Bananaman – Wayne Thompson (One page, BOO!)

PG 17: Truth or Dare!?! – Nigel Auchterlounie (A waste of 4 pages really, could’ve been a pull out piece that didn’t count as the 36 pages)

PG 21: Shorts #2: 99 Genius Homework Excuses (No. 35) – Karl Dixon, Are you Ready for the Question, Noel? – Wayne Thompson, Dave the Squirrel – Andy Fanton (Last one, Dave fans!), Ray Fears – Steve Beckett

PG 22: My Own Genie – Jamie Smart (One I haven’t read before! Yippee!)

PG 24: The Dandy Subscription Page

PG 25: Postman Prat – Lew Stringer

PG 26: Mailbag (Featured a brilliant picture this week by James Burbridge of all their favourite Dandy stars! One of the best pieces I’ve seen!)

PG 27: Madvertisment: X-Factor Boo-Hoo Bingo – Andy Fanton (Very funny, I loved “I used to be ginger!”)

PG 28: Puzzle: Bird Watching with Korky the Cat – Phil Corbett (Or is it the comic strip for that week? Or both?)

PG 29: Shorts #3: 99 Genius Homework Excuses (No.36) – Karl Dixon, Jibber & Steve – Nigel Auchterlounie, Igg and Ook – Nik Holmes, Knock! Knock! – Garry Davies

PG 30: The Bogies: The B-Team – Nigel Auchterlounie (Two pages and full o’ laughs!)

PG 32: Advert: The Dandy Shop

PG 33: George VS Dragon – Andy Fanton (Sadly I knew the ending straight away thanks to the Next Week page from last week! D’oh!)

PG 34: Nuke Noodle – Alexander Matthews

PG 35: Next Week: Halloween Special! (Featuring Korky the Cat, Harry Hill’s Real Life Adventures in TV Land, How to make a Harry Hill pumpkin!, Trick or Treat Prank Pack, NEW! Count Slugula – Nik Holmes and the return of Boo!)

PG 36: Back Page: Desperate Dan – Jamie Smart (Hopefully on the back page from now on!)

Dave the Squirrel fans may be sad to hear this week featured the final story of its first initial run but I have no doubt it’ll be back again soon! This week both Pre-Skool Prime Minister and The Bogies were two pages again, I hope they stay like this as I honestly prefer it. There were some very good stories in this week’s issue, my favourite being The Bogies  and second and third being Pre-Skool Prime Minister and Mr Meecher, the Uncool Teacher. Other strong strips included My Own Genie, Harry Hill’s Real Life Adventures in TV Land, Korky the Cat, Desperate Dan, George VS Dragon, Nuke Noodle, Postman Prat, Madvertisement: X-Factor Boo-Hoo Bingo, 99 Genius Homework Excuses, Turtle Wipeout, Dave the Squirrel, Watch this Space, Ray Fears, Igg and Ook and Jibber & Steve. The weaker strips proved to not surprisingly be Old Trafford, After the Game, Are you Ready for the Question, Noel?, Knock! Knock! and surprisingly Bananaman and Go Compare! which both didn’t make a lot of sense to me, I do get the joke in Bananaman but I find the wording and missing commas make the storyline come across as cryptic. Truth or Dare!?! seemed a bt pointless to me as two of the four pages the backs of the cards on the other two pages. At least the Truths and Dares were good, especially “Run down the street in your PJs shouting “I believe in fairies!”“, what a harsh dare!

X-Factor Boo-Hoo Bingo was surprisingly very funny and some of them made me giggle, especially “I used to be ginger!”, “Someone murdered my karaoke machine!”, “I was raised by badgers!”, “My hat got ran over!” and “I was born with a bum for a head!”, I also thought “Simon Cowell is my father!” funny in a harsh way. I also loved the cameos from Dave the Squirrel and Freddy the Fearless Fly!

Now for something from my old blog which I thought I’d carry on here on my new blog, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for ORDERING!!

Basically I separate the stories into two groups, ‘One Page or more’ and ‘Mini Strips’, then I order them from worst to best.


13. Old Trafford, After the Game… – Nigel Parkinson

12. Bananaman – Wayne Thompson

11. Rocky’s Horror Show – Will Dawbarn

10. Postman Prat – Lew Stringer

9. My Own Genie – Jamie Smart

8. Harry Hill’s Real Life Adventures in TV Land – Nigel Parkinson

7. Korky the Cat – Phil Corbett

6. Nuke Noodle – Alexander Matthews

5. George VS Dragon – Andy Fanton

4. Desperate Dan – Jamie Smart

3. Mr Meecher, the Uncool Teacher – Will Dawbarn

2. Pre-Skool Prime Minister – Jamie Smart

1. The Bogies – Nigel Auchterlounie


12. Are you Ready for the Question, Noel? – Wayne Thompson

11. Knock! Knock! – Garry Davies (It just occurred to me that to me that this is a reprint!)

10. Go Compare! – Paul Palmer

9. 99 Genius Homework Excuses No. 35 – Karl Dixon

8. Watch this Space – Nick Brennan

7. Ray Fears – Steve Beckett

6. Jibber & Steve – Nigel Auchterlounie

5. 99 Genius Homework Excuses No. 36 – Karl Dixon

4. 99 Genius Homework Excuses No. 34 – Karl Dixon

3. Turtle Wipeout – Stu Munro

2. Igg and Ook – Nik Holmes

1. Dave the Squirrel – Andy Fanton

So now the blog post is almost over. BOO!

But we still have one more thing to do! HURRAH!

The Overall Result! HURRAH-RAH!


NUMBER OF COMIC STRIPS (Mini strips count as one page): 19 (20 if including Beano Advert)

NUMBER OF NEW COMIC STRIPS (Mini strips count as one page): 16 3/4 (Knock! Knock! is a reprint or has at least been redrawn.)

NUMBER OF REPRINTED COMIC STRIPS: 2 1/4 (My Own Genie and Knock! Knock!)

NUMBER OF PAGE FILLER: 11 (If Dandy Shop Advert counts, if not 10)

NUMBER OF OTHER, ESSENTIAL PAGES (That aren’t comic strips): 4


The Dandy – Issue 3557 is one sale now for £2.50 in selected newsagents and supermarkets, if you want a laugh then I seriously recommend it!

And now there’s nothing left to say than, goodbye readers! 

– Harry Rickard

COMING SOON: The Beano – Issue 3608 Review, watch this space!

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  1. November 5, 2011 23:29

    Why dont you post a review of this week’s issue? I like to read stuff about comics and surely you can have a rest from The Wizzo now?

    • November 6, 2011 10:15

      I am writing but these things take time Oliver.

      And I’m not giving the Wizzo a rest as Issue 3 and 4 are not only nearly done but the website is coming along well and I care about the Wizzo more than my blog.

  2. November 13, 2011 13:46

    A week has passed and still no sign.

  3. November 18, 2011 14:25


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