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My dream Beano

October 10, 2011

Starting from next week two “new” stories begin in the comic, Number 13 drawn by the late and great John Geering and The Germs by BSK and Fred’s Bed artist Dave Sutherland. And yes, they’ve both been in the Beano before in the 1990’s and they’re also reprints. But who actually cares? For once I’m getting excited for a bunch of reprints!! I’ve read hardly any Number 13 stories and I’ve only ever read the Germs in the Beano Books meaning the ones they’ll be showing will be new to me! My only problem is that the two strips are way too much like two other strips in the current Beano, Freddie Fear and The Numskulls. Nevertheless, a huge welcome will be in store for them no doubt and I’ll try and get round to some Beano fan art to celebrate the new, bigger Beano (36 pages!) featuring as many characters as possible!

With the Beano revamp coming up this week, I thought I’d share my idea for a perfect Beano with you all.

PG 1: Front Cover: Various Artists
(A small Dennis and Gnasher comic strip may work here, at least 4 panels or so with a two page story as well inside. Also possibly other characters getting the lime light, they’ve been in there a long time and personally I feel it’s their turns.)
PG 2: Contents: Various Artists
(A whacky contents page each week drawn by various artists (like Beano Book’s content pages)
Also a Desert Island Island Dick mini strip – Nick Brennan
PG 3: Dennis the Menace and Gnasher – Barrie Appleby, Jimmy Hansen, Nigel Parkinson
PG 5: Billy Whizz – Nick Brennan
PG 6: Minnie the Minx – Ken Harrison, Laura Howell, Steve Beckett
(Trust me, I’ve seen Steve’s Minnie and it’s amazing!)
PG 8: Ball Boy – Dave Eastbury
PG 9: Super School – Lew Stringer
PG 10: The Numskulls – Barry Glennard
PG 12: Dangerous Dan – Nigel Parkinson
(This must return! I loved it’s all-too-short series!)
PG 13: Freddie Fear – Dave Eastbury
PG 14: Year of the Menace
(A good readers page, only being one page! Brilliant!)
PG 15: Ratz – Hunt Emerson/Laura Howell
(Drawn by Hunt and written by Laura)
PG 16: Pup Parade – Gordon Bell (Reprint)
PG 17: Meebo and Zuky – Laura Howell
PG 18: Biffo – Sid Burgon (Reprint)
(If possible, black and white copies coloured on computer rather than painted)
PG 19: Bash Street Noticeboard
PG 20: The Bash Street Kids – David Sutherland
PG 23: BSK: Singled Out – Nigel Parkinson
(In Mike Pearse style)
PG 24: Ivy the Terrible – Diego Jourdan Pereira
PG 26: New Character
PG 27: Advert
PG 28: Fred’s Bed – Tom Paterson, Nigel Parkinson
PG 30: HALF PAGE: Fred’s Facts/At Home with the BSK – David Sutherland
PG 31: Harley the Pig – Barrie Appleby
(Like Rasher just with Harley instead)
PG 32: Johnny Bean from Happy Bunny Green – Laura Howell
PG 33: Puzzle/Filler
PG 34: Little Plum – Hunt Emerson
PG 35: Classics from the Comics
(A Retro Beano styled page but with readers’ requests for old classics redrawn.)
PG 36: Roger the Dodger – Barrie Appleby
PG 38: Beano Manga – Laura Howell
PG 39: HALF PAGE: Next Week/The Nibblers – Dave Eastbury
(An odd choice for an artist I know but I can imagine Dave drawing The Nibblers really well)
PG 40: Gnasher’s Bit(e) – Jimmy Hansen

Some can become absent in issues, have a few in runs so they are replaced every now and again with new stories and returns.
Ones that could also appear:
Les Pretend – Laura Howell (I like her Les Pretend, a nice style!)
Uh Oh Si Co – Despite becoming a shocking third I thought this strip had potential.
Home Invasion – Once again a good strip, but sadly one page wasn’t enough. Two pages would be much better!
The 3 Bears – Mike Pearse
The Bea Team – Nigel Parkinson
I liked this, it felt a lot like Bea, the Mni Menace only better!
Baby Crockett – Jamie Smart
Well, the Beezer’s ended now so what could they do with the characters? Well, like Fred’s Bed, Baby Crockett could take a stop onto the Beano boat with Jamie Smart drawing it.
Adrian the Barbarian – Dave Eastbury, Hunt Emerson, Barrie Appleby?
Loved its short run in the Beano, a great strip.
Billy the Cat – Steve Beckett
In a cartoon style (I’ve seen Steve’s cartoon Billy the Cat and it’s AWESOME!) A good strip overall and could add that adventure goodness the Beano misses.
The Carrotty Kid – Andy Fanton (From Andy’s popular webcomic, the Carrotty Kid!)

Of course if the page number went up to 40 then there’d be an obvious raise in the price, It’d probably be £2.50.

What are your Dream Beano’s? Post your ideas below. 🙂


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