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If the Beano and Dandy merged.

October 10, 2011

It’s something every single comic fan ponders over, what would happen if two of the most iconic comic names in British history were morphed into one super comic? Who would stay on or move over, what characters will be the back door and what comic name will come first or which comic name will they choose? These are all answers we don’t actually want to know, no comic fan would dream of the two merging because it will show comics are becoming “uncool” and not as popular as they were in the heydays.

But we still all wonder, what would it be like and would we like it? Could it make comics a craze again, or could it fold the comic completely? And what better way to get an idea about a possible merge than make your own?

Obviously 32 pages would not be enough for both comics, with the Dandy forever having new stories every other issue, it won’t be like old merges where only 4 or 5 stories survived and the others would go down with the comic. For this reason alone I think if they were to merge, at least make it special, 54 pages of comic strips would be a fair amount (Although an actual fair amount would be 64 as 32+32 makes 64 in total). For 54 pages the comic’s price should go up to something like £3.00 at the most and contain no “free gifts” unless they’re mini-mags like ‘Dandy Comix‘ (more about that soon).

Of course, it’s obvious Dennis and Gnasher will survive a revamp as will The Bash Street Kids but who else would? Desperate Dan nearly didn’t survive the revamp as did Korky the Cat. Two iconic figures in Dandy history. Minnie the Minx could also be a likely survivor but would readers prefer her over the much-missed Beryl the Peril? Roger the Dodger doesn’t even have a living artist drawing him any more in the comic with him going to reprints recently drawn by late and great Robert Nixon. It would be impressive if Bananaman lasts another round after surviving not only the Dandy/Nutty merge but also surviving all of the revamps that came after that!

George VS Dragon would be a good one to keep, along with Mr Meecher, the Uncool Teacher and Pre-Skool Prime Minister. They all did well in the vote in February so should survive the revamp, Harry and his Hippo also being likely due to winning the Strictly Come Laughing contest.

But who else? I’d choose Ball Boy and Dangerous Dan just because they’re my favourites and Ball Boy has lasted something like 36 years in the comic and Dangerous Dan seems too recent to suddenly drop.

Two which seem will have two move with the merge is Wenlock and Mandeville (BOO!) and The Bogies (YAY!) due to sales issues.

So, enough warbling, on with the merge!

PG 1: Front Cover: A fun picture of the Beano and Dandy stars messing about getting along.

PG 2: Contents: More like the Dandy’s contents just with a full one and things like ‘Collector’s Corner’ and ‘Gnasher’s Gnews Bites’ and other things like that. Also a Piggy count game drawn by Jamie Smart.

PG 3:  Dennis the Menace and Gnasher – Barrie Appleby/Nigel Parkinson/David Sutherland/Jimmy Hansen/Tom Paterson

PG 5: George VS Dragon – Andy Fanton

PG 6: Beryl the Peril – Steve Beckett (Replaces Minnie the Minx)

PG 8: Billy Whizz – Nick Brennan

PG 9: Shorts: Clown Wars – Nik Holmes, Grampire – Andy Fanton, The Not-so-Secret Millionaire – Laura Howell, Ping the Elastic Man – Paul Palmer

PG 10: Arena of Awesome – Jamie Smart

PG 12: Meebo and Zuky – Laura Howell

PG 13: Mr Meecher, the Uncool Teacher – Will Dawbarn

PG 14: Ball Boy – Dave Eastbury

PG 15: Advert (Could be Wenlock and Mandeville)

PG 16: Bananaman – Wayne Thompson

PG 18: Rocky’s Horror Show – Will Dawbarn

PG 19: Shorts: Fiddle O’Diddle – Nik Holmes, Bear Behind – Stu Munro, Dave the Squirrel – Andy Fanton, Ray Fears – Steve Beckett

PG 20: Thingummyblob – Jamie Smart

PG 21: Biffo the Bear – Sid Burgon (Reprints)

PG 22: The Bash Street Kids – Dave Sutherland

PG 24: Desperate Dan – Jamie Smart


PG 1: Front Cover: Ginger – Nick Brennan

PG 2: Half Page: Ginger/Contents 

PG 3: Mickey the Monkey – Ken Harrison

PG 4: Adrian the Barbarian – Dave Eastbury

PG 6: Ali’s Baba – Nigel Auchterlounie

PG 7: Little Mo – Laura Howell

PG 8: The Banana Bunch – Nigel Parkinson

PG 10: Back Page: Baby Crockett – Jamie Smart

PG 26: Little Plum – Hunt Emerson

PG 27: Dangerous Dan – Nigel Parkinson

PG 28: The Bogies – Nigel Auchterlounie

PG 29: Half Page: The Bogies/Korky the Cat – Dave Windett

PG 30: Mailbag

PG 31: Postman Prat – Lew Stringer

PG 32: Pre-Skool Prime Minister- Jamie Smart

PG 34: Cuddles and Dimples – Nigel Parkinson

PG 36: The Mighty Bork – Wayne Thompson (I know it’s ended but let’s say it’s his adventures on Planet Bork)

PG 37: Stan Helsing – Nik Holmes

PG 38: BSK: Singled Out – Mike Pearse (Reprints)

PG 39: Shorts: Igg and Ook – Nik Holmes, Jibber & Steve – Nigel Auchterlounie, Saint Evils – Stephen Waller, Fat Cat – Paul Palmer

PG 40: The Numskulls – Barry Glennard

PG 42: Strange Hill School – Dave Mostyn

PG 43: Number 13 – John Geering (Reprints)

PG 44: Super School – Lew Stringer

PG 45: Johnny Bean from Happy Bunny Green – Laura Howell

PG  46: Fred’s Bed – Tom Paterson/Dave Sutherland/Nigel Parkinon/Laura Howell

PG 48: Roger the Dodger – Barrie Appleby/Jimmy Hansen/Diego Jourdan

PG 50 – Ivy the Terrible – Diego Jourdan

PG 52: Bully Beef and Chips – Laura Howell

PG 53: Half Page: Next Week/Corporal Clott – Nigel Auchterlounie

PG 54: Back Page: Gnasher’s Bit(e) – Jimmy Hansen

Crikey! Even 52 pages wasn’t enough! I had to miss out a few sadly! Boo and Harry and his Hippo were COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT! Maybe there can be runs of 10 for a majority of the stories. 😉

Post your thoughts and merge ideas below! 🙂

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  1. October 10, 2011 16:47

    Good strips you’ve selected but no Boo.

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