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The Wizzo, Issue 4

October 9, 2011

The Wizzo Comic, Issue 4 – Artwork by Harry Rickard – £3.50 – 32 pages


That’s right ladies and gentlemen, if all goes to plan you’ll be seeing the long awaited Issue 4 of The Wizzo Comic which will hopefully be available via the internet on the 22nd October 2011! Hooray!

So, where can you buy it? The Wizzo will be available as a professionally-printed comic thank to the brilliance of MagCloud, the comic will look very similar to comic inspirations The Beano and The Dandy and will be on glossy, good quality paper. The colours will also be enhanced and look generally brighter and more appealing to the eye. The comic will cost £3.50 but for this you get something beautiful.

It will also be available a a downloadable ‘download and keep’ PDF file and will cost you only £1.50, however it does mean that if you want to have a copy in your hands, you’ll have to use up your own ink to print it.

In the issue we meet many new faces and many new artists, uber talented artist Josh Champion introduces us to Baldy, a poor man who hates being bald and is always on the run from The Bald Hating Society and also does an AMAZING two page Blong story about sweets written by Wizzo fan Chay Whiston while his brother, Max Champion introduces us to the loveable, swashbuckling rogue, The Wee Musketeer, Tom Southall will share with us a new story which we’re sure you’ll love called Slug and Snail and Rose Edwards is behind the artwork of the nuttiest girl in Wizzville Martha the Mad!

As well as these four new, talented artists, Hannes Smit will try and tickle your funny bone with a brilliant two page Frankie story and will also be behind brilliant characters such as Chav and Jim, Tall and Small, How the Dinosaurs Died Out and Get a Job Bob, Kieren Gillespie will be the artist behind the toddling terror Tiny Tim as well as those suicidal nutters the Crash Test Dummies, Jonathan Barham will be sharing the latest adventures of Tornado Tommy, Bill the Buyer and The Weather Man, as well as newbies A Day in the Life of a Teaching… (PIG!) and The Mud Fighters! Sam Jones will carry on with the hilarious antics of Stupid Steve guaranteed to make you giggle – and will also introduce to the obsessed gardener, Gardening Gary and Sue Nicholls will be sharing the latest escapades of Magic Buns!

So, what’s going on in Wizzville this issue then?

Inside this awesome new issue, BLONG‘s sweet tooth makes him go mad! ZAPPY tries to impress some girls, CHAV AND JIM have a skateboard race and STUPID STEVE wants a new TV.

TORNADO TOMMY wants a go on the swing, GET A JOB BOB wants to become a referee and MAGIC BUNS runs away to join the circus!

I-WISH reckons he’ll be a great scientist, ROBERT ROBOT is having some troubles, TALL AND SMALL climb a tree and Mike wants some hot weather in THE WEATHER MAN.

FRANKIE‘s in Nightmare Land! Gulp! TINY TIM wants to be taller and Archie wants to sing in the CRASH TEST DUMMIES!

BILL THE BUYER goes on a crazy shopping spree, moustaches galore in CRAZY CARTOONS and FRANK’S FOOTIE TEAM are up against the dreaded bomb-astic Bomber Boys!

MADDIE BOUT MONEY AND NORA PENNY are back and having a fine dinner and can your artwork, letters and jokes feature on YOUR STUFF?

As well as all of this we have loads of new characters for you to enjoy! Woot!

SLUG AND SNAIL are off to the farm, GARDENING GARY is doing some gardening for his headmaster and BALDY needs a wig!

THE MUD FIGHTERS are causing trouble, MARTHA THE MAD wants equal rights for socks and we find out what pigs are like as teachers in A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A TEACHING…!

THE WEE MUSKETEER reckons he’s good at the fiddle, Devil Pen tries to take over the world in SUPER PENCIL and ROB BER is trying to get out of jail!

As well as this we also have ARTY’S HOW TO DRAW, JOUST JOKING, THE GAME, WIZZKIDS and the second way of HOW THE DINOSAURS DIED OUT!

Exciting stuff, eh? If you’re in the mood to have some laughs why not buy the Wizzo, Issue 4, links coming soon! Watch this space!

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